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How to write an introduction that will grab the reader?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

You only have seconds to grab the readers' attention. So your introduction must be flawless.

But what do I mean by flawless? Let's delve into this topic for a bit.

Make the introduction enticing

Your introduction must keep your reader interested in knowing more. It's OK to include some commonly-known facts to contextualise but keep them to a minimum, or you'll lose them. Show the reader that you know the answer and that they won't be wasting their time by reading your piece.

If the topic is a question and it's possible to summarise the answer, you can include it in the introduction. But let the reader know that there's more to know so they keep reading.

Create a connection with the reader

You create a connection with the reader by targeting their problems and by assuring them that you've got a solution. Or by alerting them about an issue they haven't thought of and listing possible remedies.

If you're writing about something that no one cares about or if you're just listing common knowledge statements, you won't have any readers.

Check the introduction for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes

Technical mistakes will make you lose your credibility. Your content might be spot-on and super useful, but it's hard to overcome a typo. It will make you look sloppy and like you just rushed to finish the article.

Your readers will think that if you haven't taken the time to check the article for grammar mistakes, maybe you haven't done proper research either.

Write clearly

Writing clearly applies, of course, to all your writing, but it's especially important when it comes to an introduction. If the reader doesn't understand what your article is about or if it's going to solve their problems, they'll quit.

State the problem and the solution (or that you're going to present a solution) clearly and simply.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these four suggestions, you'll be on a good path to getting your reader hooked on your writing. Don't waste your time publishing a piece with a poor introduction. You're losing an opportunity to make an impact.

Cristina Magalhães is an editor, proofreader and crochet tech editor who works with businesses, content writers and individuals.

She edits business documentation, marketing materials, LinkedIn profiles, CVs, cover letters and crochet patterns.

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