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Creation of briefs for writers

When you hire a writer, you'll need to give them detailed instructions explaining what you have in mind. Otherwise, you'll end up with a piece of content that is not at all what you wanted. 

I can help you put together a brief that will contain all the necessary elements presented clearly so nothing is missed.

I have worked with dozens of different types of briefs and know what works and what doesn't. 

Let's work together and prepare a brief that will allow your writer to deliver exactly what you want, avoiding a time-consuming back and forth of versions.

Document formatting

Formatting documentation can be a time-consuming task on an already busy day.


With my experience and advanced knowledge of formatting tools, I’m able to return your document quickly, ready to be sent to that important client.

If your company follows a style guide, that's not a problem. Just send me the instructions, and the documentation will be formatted accordingly.

In case you don't have a style guide yet, I can help create one. See more information below.

Style guide creation

Pilha de livro

A style guide will help to maintain consistency across your company's documents, marketing materials or blog posts and will contribute to elevating the quality of your publications.

All the document style decisions are recorded in the guide: the font(s) to be used, font sizes, colours, spelling variations, hyphenation, punctuation, abbreviations, etc.

Everyone will have this guide to refer to in case of doubt. 

I can help you create a style guide and make everything much easier when producing content.

3 simple steps to hire me:

1. Tell me in which service you are interested.

2. We'll discuss the best way to solve your problem.

3. We'll negotiate the terms of the project, and we are ready to START.

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