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Q: What exactly do you check in the text?

That will depend on the client's requirements and the quality of the original text. But I can verify all of the following:

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Clarity of the message

  • Content consistency

  • Coherence and flow

  • Adequacy of the language level

  • Tone, mood and style

  • Fact-checking

  • Completeness of the materials

  • Design and formatting


Q: What information do you need to send me a quote?

A: I will need to see your text so that I can evaluate the type of work that needs to be done (bearing in mind your brief) and if I am the right person to help you.

I will then edit a sample of your work, which will allow me to extrapolate how long it will take me to complete the job.


Q: Your free sample edit consists of how many words?


A: I will edit for free a portion of your text for the reasons described above. The number of words is dependent on the size of your work, but it shouldn't be more than 500 words.


Q: Are your prices per hour, per page, per project?  

A: That depends on the job and its complexity. I will always strive to send you the best price.

Q: Do you guarantee that the text/document will be error free?

A: I can't guarantee that your work won't have any mistakes because I'm human. What I can promise you is that your text will be verified by a professional, using appropriate techniques and tools.  

Q: Are you going to change my text or just highlight the mistakes?

A: Whatever you prefer. If you send me a Word file, I can edit the text using Track Changes, and you will be able to see and approve (or not) each correction. In case I'm working on a PDF, I'll use the comment tools to indicate the mistakes. 

Check these two samples: a Word file with Track Changes and a PDF with comments (you need to save the PDF to see the comments).


For any other questions or if you would like to hire me, click on the button below.

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