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In this page you'll find forms and templates to help you better manage your business.

They are simple and basic so that you can easily adapt them to your design style and needs. 


If you are looking for a customized solution and don't have time to waste, get in touch.  

Report_Proposal template

Report/Proposal Template

Download this simple and easy report or proposal template that will allow you to get started immediately. 



  • pre-formatted table of contents

  • 3 title styles

  • 2 paragraph styles

  • page headers and footers

Employee Form

Employee Form

Download this form where you'll be able to record all your employees' HR data: contact details, next of kin, salary, etc.

Job Descriptions Form

Job Description Form

Create a job description easily with this form. The main areas, like duties and responsibilities, education, experience, etc, are already outlined.

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